Zumba The Power Chord

The zumba usually borrows its work out style from salsa, flamenco, merengue and other latin styles of music. The versatility of zumba is such that it could be performed at any style of music like hip hop, soca, samba and mambo.

This one hour long workout burns tone of calories even without realizing it. Zumba is more like attending a party than performing a work-out; it mixes low intensity and high intensity moves at various intervals to burn the extra calories.if you are living in north syracuse you can also join zumba classes in Championsfitness.

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The hip hop session usually allows to build for balance and coordination of the body. The zumba hip-hop dance workout combine all the elements of fitness to give greater flexibility; it is a good combination of cardio, balance, flexibility and muscle conditioning and leaves one with high energy levels and boosted energy after the workout.

Like all other music the combination of work out at hip hop music can be a strong motivator. The focus of hip hop dance workout is on to build and tone abs and involves a variety of cardiovascular dance moves that increase the heart rate.
The zumba hip hop dance workouts are also available on dvds for those who cannot attend regular class. However it is recommended to attend classes as it yields better results; work out in group keeps person motivated, focused and regular.