Tips to develop luscious eyelashes naturally and with eye serums

Every woman aspires to have long, thick eyelashes because it makes the eyes look attractive and beautiful. Not every woman is blessed with the elongated eyelashes.

So, the woman can go both for the artificial as well as natural methods to make the eyelashes look more dramatic.

The natural ways to make your lashes look voluminous are:

  • Applying castor oil on the eyelids makes them look thicker.
  • Use Green tea.
  • Olive oil is the best home remedy. 
  • You can apply lemon peels soaked in the olive or castor oil to make your eyelashes look thicker.
  • We can apply shea butter on eyelashes and leave it overnight.
  • Eyelash growth Serum also gives promising results in the growth of thicker eyelashes.

We should follow this remedies twice or thrice a week in order to get enhanced eyelashes. The natural methods are more effective than the artificial ones, and one should also browse to find several options for developing luscious eyelashes.

Furthermore, the skin around the eye area is very soft and eye area is the first to show prominent signs of aging. So, you should take extra care of that area by applying a good quality eye serum. It is free from chemicals.Thus, is not harmful to the eyes. One should always opt for natural eyelash enhancers and products.