3 Steps to Selecting the Right Industrial Cables for Oil and Gas Projects


Extensive projects involving the use of oil and gas require proper equipment and the right industrial cables. These projects are mostly carried out in harsh environments, with extreme temperatures and pressures. Sometimes, these projects are carried out hundreds of feet below the earth’s surface, which require proper equipment and cables especially made for these projects. Cable equipments in Australia are sold which are specifically made for the projects to be carried out in harsh environments.

3 steps for selecting the right cables for oil and gas projects include:

1. Cable jacket should be selected right:

While working in harsh environments with extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, the industrial cables should be thoroughly protected with the right cable jacket. It should be checked whether the jackets can provide protection against extreme storms or heat, thus increasing the productivity of the cables in transmitting signals

2. Oil-resistance:

Always check for oil resistance while choosing the right industrial cables for oil and gas projects. You should know exactly the amount of oil exposure the cables might end up getting; whether it is a little splashing or a lot of spilling; you should know beforehand in order to provide the best resistance against oil.

3. Use of VFD cables (Variable Frequency Drives):

These types of cables are used to install the process of pumping motors for oil and gas refineries. The VFDs increase the productivity of these motors, decreasing the frequency of maintaining the equipment, which proves to be beneficial in the long run by saving on the cost of maintenance.

It is advisable that you choose the right kind of cables for the right processes, keeping in mind the environmental issues and temperature changes.