SVG and Flash as the Exact Same Species

We can name several technologies for displaying 2D interactive vector graphics on the net however, two names rises among other contenders. All these will be the Macromedia’s Shock Wave Flash (SWF) and the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Unlike Flash SVG isn’t for sale.

Adobe’s SVG browser plugin has attained barely about 10% penetrationcompared to Macromedia’s 90 percent to the Flash plugin. Flash has established an outstanding standard nonetheless, this didn’t make SVG a poor technology.

Previously Flash was believed a de-facto standard under command of a vendor. Because of this, W3C suggested a recommendation to attain standardized 2D interactive vector graphics on the internet. This led into the arrival of SVG. Its original version was Recommendation 1.0 that premiered in 2001. The present version though is 1.1 that premiered on January 2003.

Some individuals asserts that SVG is as strong as Flash. Some say it’s superior. But there are many others who believe it’s another way around. Which is that ?! To Assist You decide here are a few Very Important details:

Use Flash in these cases:

You have to use Flash if you would like to earn a Flash-like site. To replicate it with SVG is difficult to do.

If you would like to produce complex animations or games you’re able to use some of those two. But you need to be conscious that SVG’s built-in SMIL animation engine is quite chip thorough. Conversely, very good results can be accomplished using JavaScript animations.

If your customers aren’t that computer literate like such as kids to get a kids ‘s website or a website appealing to a wide audience, you should use Flash.

SVG supports audio. Nonetheless, if audio entails important complicated details, use Flash.

Use Flash should you want WYSIWYG to script.

SVG is valuable in the following cases:

Use SVG in case your job is completely scriptable. You can attempt DOM1 (component DOM2) port and JavaScript. It usually means you could construct your empty SVG image using JavaScript.

SVG can easily be made by ASP, PHP, Perl and hauled from a database. Be careful though in placing mime-types on the machine.

It’s XML meaning it could be read by anything which can read XML. Flash may use XML but it needs to be converted .

You don’t need to use Flash’s action-script since SVG doesn’t code browser. It’s a built-in ECMA-script engine.

SVG runs on IE/NS4 NS6/Mozilla and on PC/MAC/Linux.

SVG can be changed through an XSLT style-sheet or parser. Additionally, it supports conventional CSS1 style-sheets.

Texts used stays searchable and invisibly. Graphic “items ” could be grouped, styled, transformed or composited and embedded text could be searched or indexed.

Characteristics of this specification include nested transformations, clipping paths, alpha masks, filter effects, template objects and, of course, extensibility

You don’t need to purchase Flash since just texteditor is required to make SVG.

By today, I understand you have a selection. Take your choice and revel in the characteristics of your preferred technology! Visit if you’re interested in wp plugin.