Details about Exotic Vintage Collections

At the West, Vietnam has been overlooked for a lengthy time. There are various reasons for this impolitic gesture. People in the West often associate the nation of Vietnam dong with their mixed feelings about the war some thirty years back.

Details about Exotic Vintage Collections

For the most part, there is apparently a lack of understanding about the Vietnamese people, however. What is true is that the art of Vietnam is another compelling contribution to the distinctive cultures of East Asia. The legacy of Vietnam has made its effect upon the Asian community in its own way that simply can't be ignored.

To begin with, the culture of Vietnam has been directly affected over time by China. This fact hasn't been in dispute. But what makes Vietnam so unique is the manner in which the Vietnamese people accommodated the Chinese influence. This adaptation helped to make Vietnam a different and distinct society.

Back then the Imperial Court of the Middle Kingdom was settled far, far away from this strange new land. Northern Vietnam no doubt looked like a primitive nation with odd customs. Unfortunately, this was to become the overall mindset of mommy China towards its daughter Vietnam.

The Dong Son Culture existed from 700 to 100 BCE. It happened to be based on the Red River Basin. Because of social changes, this time period was marked by the creation of bronze tools. Because of this, more intense work in agriculture and stockbreeding started to develop.

 The common kinds of weapons to be used in this time were axes, spears, harpoons, arrows, breastplates, and daggers. Among the most famous kinds of artifacts from this period were bronze drums. Regretfully, their specific function escapes us now.  

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